On June 10, June 22, and July 12, 2017 Public Meetings were held at the
Dearborn Fire Station

The meetings concerned property owner
Fire Fee Adjustment
Possible Property Tax INCREASE

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Dearborn Fire Service Area Page
Battling the Monster
Dearborn Fire Service Area BY-LAWS
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Dearborn Fire Service Area Board of Trustrees Meeting Minutes

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October 8, 2015
Meeting Minutes
November 5, 2015
Meeting Minutes
December 3, 2015
Meeting Minutes
January 2016
Meeting Minutes
Dated Dec 3, 2015
March 4, 2016
Meeting Minutes

April 7, 2016
Meeting Minutes

May 12, 2016
Meeting Minutes

June 9, 2016
Meeting Minutes

August 4,, 2016
Meeting Minutes

September 8, 2016
Meeting Minutes

October 6, 2016
Meeting Minutes
November 3, 2016
Meeting Minutes
December 8, 2016
Meeting Minutes
January 5, 2017
Meeting Minutes
January 5, 2017
Board of Trustees
Meeting Minutes
January 18, 2017
Special Meeting Minutes
February 9, 2017
Meeting Minutes
March 9, 2017
Meeting Minutes
April 6, 2017
Meeting Minutes
Dearborn Fire Dept Roster
June 19, 2017

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LCCD = Lewis and Clark Conservation District
ACOE = Army Corps of Engineers
MRR = Missouri River Ranches Landowners Corporation
ECR = Eagle Canyon Ranch

Many Properties in the Missouri River Ranches and Eagle Canyon Ranch Area are effected by the changes in the Fires Service District Fees
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Read the Great Falls Tribune articles ------------------------------------------------------------------
"Fee increase plan sparks fiery debate in Dearborn"
June 10, 2017
"Commissioners delay decision on Dearborn fire fee increase"
June 22, 2017

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On June 22, 22 2017 the Cascade and Lewis and Clark County Commissioners held a meeting at the Dearborn Fire station to determine assessment of the DFSA fees.of The Commissioners decided to pospone the vote to increase the Landowner Fees in the Dearborn Fire Service Area.
See the Great Falls Tribune articles below for more information.
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The July 12th Meeting Information has been on this page
Cascade County & Lewis & Clark County Joint Commission Meeting Agenda
July 12, 2017
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Resoulation to Increase Fire Service Area Fee within the Dearborn Volunteer Fire Service Area
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Special Cascade County Commission Meeting June 22, 2017
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Please note: The Commissioners voted to approve and ammend the TIERED FEE SYSTEM. The Commissioners voted to increase the Tier #1 level from $75.00 to $90.00 (See Exhibit 'A'