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The Engineering Report on this this Page was developed by a Regional Engineering Firm contracted to evaluate the culverting configuration at Floyd Drive and the North Fork of Stickney

Some Information has been Redacted for Privacy
These are interesting quotes in that the first quote fails to mention that the Missouri River Ranches Landowners Corporation and the implied affiliated Landowners Association were required to obtain a Section 404 Permit(s) from the Army Corps of Engineers prior to 2015 for ANY work performed in the North or South Fork(s) of Stickney Creek as required by the Clean Water Act of 1972 and 1977 and before the Greaves ever contacted the DNRC (Department of Natural Resources and Conservation) or the Army Corps of Engineers.  It also fails to mention that the culvert repair/replacement at Floyd Drive and the North Fork of Stickney Creek in 2010 was performed without the required permit and the culvert repair/replacement in 2015 was performed without the required permit and not in compliance with the 2012 Montana Regional Conditions. The Engineering Report (below) clearly indicates the Greaves culverts failed because of  the culvert failure at Floyd Drive and not a misguided belief. The DNRC did not require a 310 permit(s) prior to August 2015.

The second quote indicates that an architect may need to be utilized to install culverts. Giving rise to the question, why are buildings required to be build to install culverts. Wikipedia defines Architect as "An architect is someone who plans, designs, and oversees the construction of buildings".
The quote continues "if they deem pertinent".  The ACOE and the DNRC do not require the use of an architect or engineer to submit or have an application approved and they do not have the authority to require the use of an architect or engineer.

The following are quotes/excerpts from the Missouri River Ranch and Eagle Canyon Ranch Landowners Corporation Minutes of the 22nd Annual Meeting.

1. "Reviewed important notation on meeting minutes - As a result of the Greaves contacting DNRC and the Corps of Engineers, with the misguided
     belief that the Road Committee had changed the flow of Stickney Creek resulting in the loss of their personal culverts, the LOA Road Committee
     must now submit a 310 permit anytime culverts are being replaced or work is being conducted in or near the intermittent creek".

2. "There is even a possibility that they (assume meaning the ACOE and DNRC) could require we engage the services of architects and/or engineers
     if they deem pertinent".

The Engineering Report States:

In our opinion, the Greaves overflow culvert failure was caused by the upstream, Floyd Drive culverts not adequately passing debris due to one or more of the following factors:

* Insufficient design
* Improper installation; and/or
* Inadequate maintenance
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These quotes / statements are a result of a lack of understanding of the rules, regulations and the Permitting Process. The proposed use of an architect, use of undersized culverts and road construction utilizing logs (see Area Photos page) for support indicate a lack of basic engineering knowledge and common sense.
Why is this Important
All future Culvert work in the North Fork of Stickney Creek must be Permitted as all previous work was required to be permitted. Culverts currently installed that washout in the future due to insufficient design (undersizing) and improper installation cannot simply be replaced. They must be permitted and installed as required under the Montana Regional Conditions and Approved Permits. What this means is that  Landowner Fees will be utilized for replacing and repairing culverts that have already been paid for, as has been the case with the ongoing culvert repair and replacement over the last 5 years at Floyd Drive.
5 foot diameter 30 foot long culverts have been installed at Floyd Drive and the North Fork of Stickney. This installation will create a whole new set of problems and additional expenses for downstream property owners.
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LCCD = Lewis and Clark Conservation District
ACOE = Army Corps of Engineers
MRR = Missouri River Ranches Landowners Corporation
ECR = Eagle Canyon Ranch